Our Pricings

At HandymanWillie, we believe our customers should only pay for what they need and that is why we have strategically priced our services at affordable rates!

Painting Services

ServicePrice (SGD)
HDB Painting Service For 1 Room $280++
HDB Painting Service For 3 Rooms $800-$1280
HDB Painting Service For 4 Rooms $900-$1480
HDB Painting Service For 5 Rooms $1050-$1580
Executive HDB Painting Service For 5 Rooms $1150-$1850

Plumbing Services

ServicePrice (SGD)
Repair Rate $100-500(items)
Install taps $40-$60(items)
Install Shower Sets $60-$80(types)
Install Basin $90-$120(types)
Install Toilet Bowl $180(items)

Electrical Services

ServicePrice (SGD)
Install Tv Buckets $50-$80(items)
Install Wall Mounted Fan $50-$120(items)
Install Light $40-$70
Isolator Installation $100-$150(items)
Install Ceiling Fan $70(items)

Door Repair and Replacement

ServicePrice (SGD)
Replacing Rate $100-$200(items)
New Door $360-$400(types)
Door Frame $500-$900(types)
Door Painting $80-$150(types)

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