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Our services are islandwide. We are here to help everyone in Singapore!

Yes we do, home visits are confirmed over the phone with our customer service representative. For physical inspection, there will be a $30 SGD per visit.

Yes, our office is open from Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm.


Sure, simply just let us know about your enquiries in the contact form, email or WhatsApp and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to immediately spot an electrical issue. Any good handyman will tell you that they can fix it themselves without a problem. Unfortunately, there is a problem. Handymen are not qualified to handle electrical work. Electricians have to undergo years of extensive training and certification processes to obtain his or her license. Sure, a license may seem like a piece of paper, but that paper is something that can save your life.

When you are resetting circuit breakers or changing fuses too often. When you turn on your air conditioner and the lights dim in the room. When your lights flicker or go on and off. When you can smell electricity burning. When you have six electronic devices going into one outlet in back of your electronics center. When you have receptacle outlets overburdened by multi-plug strips. When a three-prong plug needs a two-prong adapter. If you have to run extension cords to plug in electrical devices.

Flickering lights are annoying and may be a sign of a potentially dangerous electrical problem, or something simple – like a bulb that is on the fritz. If replacing a light bulb doesn’t work, call an electrician right away. Your flickering lights could be due to loose wiring and lead to an electrical fire.

If the same breaker trips again and again, call HandymanWillie Services. You may have too many electrical appliances and/or devices plugged into the same circuit, resulting in an electrical overload and causing your breaker to trip. Or, you may have a deeper electrical issue on your hands. A HandymanWillie electrician will help diagnose your issue and recommend a plan of action to fix your breaker.

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